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What to Expect

When you first visit Laber Family Chiropractic the staff will provide you with the necessary paperwork. The staff will then call and check your specific insurance benefits. After completing the paperwork you will sit down with Dr. Laber to discuss your conditions. If he feels that it is a chiropractic case he will perform physical, neurological and orthopedic examinations, that may or may not include x-rays. The Doctor will x-ray when clinically necessary.

You will receive a relief treatment on the first visit, but don’t expect anything to aggressive until the Doctor has had time to review your x-rays and case. I don’t think you would want to jump in, without looking first anyway. You may receive intersegmental traction, heat, ice or stretches depending on your case.

Dr. Laber will correlate all of your paperwork, neurological and orthopedic tests, physical and x-ray findings. He will discuss what is wrong, what needs to be done and how long it will take with you. He will review your x-rays with you and outline a specific treatment plan. Vertebrae move 13 directions around 300,000 nerve fibers, so we want to be careful with what we do.

What not to expect at our office:

  1. Unexpected bills - we verify your insurance on your first visit, and you will be told the charges before any occur. You will only receive a bill for your co-pay and deductible.
  2. Painful adjustments - there are hundreds of ways to adjust a vertebrae, some painful and some not. We use a gentle approach on children and adults. However if you have been adjusted before and enjoyed that way, we can do the same. Our focus is getting you better.
  3. Long waits - We respect your time. It is extremely rare to wait more than 5 minutes in our office.
  4. We know how the challenges of planning out your day, so we do allow you to walk-in for your appointments. So if you are running late, or want to drop in a little early, it is no problem. Appointments are appreciated, it makes our day a little more fluent. After all, we do not want to make you wait more than a couple of minutes for your treatment. You have better things to do, than to sit in my office for an hour.